Lauren Goodger, another stone lost!

So she has lost another stone, well done Lauren!

This blog post is not about Lauren personally, it is about how the media OVER edit photos, to make the "bad" seem even worse.. this is my little rant at how I hate how the media over editing to then make the public feel bad for them selfs. 

Loosing weight is a major achievement, but to be honest, I would still LOVE to have Laurens figure before the weight loss. She looked stunning, but the flaw is, she looks even better in the photo on the right because of the clothes she is wearing on the left..

If you want to show how good you are now, you will of course take photos looking slightly frumpy in awful clothes and then loose weight, well thats exactly what Lauren has done..

if it wasn't for the choice of clothes she would probably look truly stunning before her diet. 

she has also magically made her cellulite disappear? 

no this is edited out.. even though the daily mail state there is no airbrushing.. where have her natural lines gone???

in reality we have no idea unless we personally see Lauren for herself how good she does look, which I am sure she does, but the media have badly edited this photo so much it gives the wrong impression to girls/woman and make can push woman into thinking if I shockingly diet too, I can look like this.

You wont! 

She confessed: 'Mark has been doing the diet with me and he’s got really strong willpower, but there are times when I’m like, ‘I could kill for some chocolate!’

the way the media edit these photos, you can eat all the chocolate you like and you would still look the same!! 

if you are going to show how much weight you have lost don't use edited photos

can you guess which is the before and after? 

Photos and quote from Daily Mail 

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  1. My stomach doesn't look that pretty after losing all my weight and it's stupid that the media paints all these fake images everywhere. You will look smaller, but you can never look that perfect.


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