Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences kindly sent me some samples of their new shampoo Smooth & Soft... and that is exactly what it does!!

I am a huge lover of herbal essences and even though I change my shampoo's weekly, I always go back to one of their products.

I washed my hair this morning using their sample, left my hair to dry and wow. I have never felt it so soft!!

I don't always use conditioner because I feel it can sometimes make my hair greasy throughout the day, however with this conditioner, so far, so good!! 
I often suffer from split ends, so I have used most of the conditioner on the ends of my hair I have enough to use for another trial tomorrow :)

It nearly tops my all time favourite which is the Herbal Essences Uplifting volume shampoo 

Thanks Herbal Essences!! 

check out their twitter too


  1. I love herbal essence too ! they have cute packaging too-..well not really cute but attract me at least ! ^___^

  2. Thanks For This, i've Ordered My Free Sample :)


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