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My lovely friend Emma at
has given me an award for my blog! yay :)

I love Emma's blog, it's like a little end of the week treat I give to myself, I save all her posts and then read them all in 1 go, there is also often a little give-away or competition going on too, go check out her blog, you will love it!!!

The rules of this award: 
1. Write a random fact about yourself 
2. Pass the Award on
3. Notify those you have awarded 

Random Fact:

I am a huge huge xbox gamer girl, and I will sit and play games all day if I get the chance, I would rather spend my money on a good game than some shoes :)

Awarded to:
Natalie at Natalies random ramblings 
These are 3 of my favourite's I love reading, they are all unique and different in their own way


  1. i forgot you had a blog lol get posting more!! and enter my give away :P

  2. Ahha I'm a busy bean!! And I shall :) x


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