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A few things have got me thinking about dating. I watched EastEnders tonight and the way Heather and Shirley's ( I know they are characters) but their approach to it was both very different. 

Shirley insists it is full of old "perverts" looking for teenagers, and Heather thinks that they are just looking for love.. So I thought I would share my view and maybe you could tell me on your view on it? do you have a story of how you met someone special on-line??

I agree there are some very very strange people on the internet, but if with everything changing these days with technology becoming so fast and easy to access, its hard not to get swooped into the internet love scene. 

Some people will always think you have to go out to meet people, i.e clubbing or at a pub, Today I don't think that is necessary at all. There is no harm in meeting someone on-line and falling in love, if you are meant to be it will work out anyway, (that is what I believe)

If you are interested in On-line dating please check out Emma's blog here for facts about dating on-line what to do and what not to do, it's a good read. 

There can be downers to looking on-line, sometimes you think you are never going to find the one , clicking no or ignoring so many ( dont be quick to judge), please remember that you do not ever need a man, or a woman, to complete you, see them as just an extra luxury in life.

I have been using a dating site plenty of fish, for a while now, I met my ex Steffan on this site, I even moved in with him, until we broke up, and then had to move out and find own place I then decided after a year that it was time to get back onto the dating scene, meeting him via the internet never made our relationship different, and it never put me off it, there is always new people to find and new friendships to be made, you wont always like or fall for the first person you meet and add on facebook/msn but I do believe on-line dating is the new forward.

some sites I recommend and trust are; plenty of fish, Match.com, ok cupid! these 3 sites I have been on, although I am now only on plenty of fish. 

Please also check out Emma's blog where she talks about how she finds love as a new young mum. As hard as it is to be single and not be a mum, I think it can be twice as hard when you are a mum, you always have someone else to think about and its not just you the person has to like, but they have to like your baby/child/children too. 

Rachel's story of on-line dating:
(check her blog out here)
I met my first 'serious' boyfriend from the internet. We used to talk on msn everyday, text none stop then after a few months of all this and going on webcam we finally decided to met up. I was very nervous and I was quite young so I went into town with my mum and that was when i spyed him, it was him he was real and not a fake. We had a great time meeting up I guess back then, we did have a relationship which was very rocky. The first rough patch was when I decided to end things, as it didn't feel right and we only saw each other once a week which bugged me. After a few weeks I felt really bad as we still have regular contact and we decided to give things another go, which was fine and we had a steady say 5 or 6 months. Then came his school prom, they weren't aloud to have a 'date' from outside of school, so he went with a girl he was 'friends' with, big mistake as she ended up breaking us up when he cheated!! 
I guess internet dating can work out good for those who do it right, I feel I did it the right way, maybe it wasn't via a real dating website but it was online. I am happy that I went through all of that as I am now very happy with my 4 year relationship with Liam :)


Please always be careful when you sign up to dating sites and never give your personal information out. 

I hope you enjoy this little post, I will add to it sometime in the future, and let you know on my progress and if I find my true love on the internet or elsewhere. 

Please tell me your views on on-line dating xXx


  1. I think online dating is great! Obviously you get the weirdos but ah well, you gotta take the rough with the smooth!

    Love you xo

  2. Yeah I watched eastenders too, but shirley is so strong minded and doesn't know how heather feels to not have a guy. Internet dating is ok I guess just be careful x

  3. Ive met some really odd guys and maybe 1 really nice guy, but who knows what you will find unless you take the plunge xxx


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