My Fish

I wanted to show you all my fish.
They may be fish to you but they mean a lot to me and I take very good care of them.

 I started of with 2 fish with my ex, we chose 
Black Moor's, They were so so small.
Cloud and Nero

Unfortunately they both caught white spot disease very quick as the shop we bought them from was a local pet shop they were not very looked after.
Nero died a few days after this photo, but Cloud Surived.

When I moved out of my ex's, I changed Cloud's name to Sharky as it suited him better, When he was cured from white spot disease his fin had to grow back and it grew back all pointy at the top, I thought this name really suited him.

This photo shows Sharky's shark fin lol

Sharky was alone for a long time and had to go to a friend of mine to be looked after while I looked for a place to live, and he was taken very good care of and I am very thankful to my friend for looking after him.

3 months ago I bought Nippy, ( he is named this because he likes to nip your fingers when you put them in the tank)

He is an Orange and white Oranda.
He is still very small at the moment but he is a great friend for my Sharky. When I bought him home I thought Sharky would eat him but they get on great and they always sleep in the same corner together, its so cute.
I am not sure on the sex but as I have no eggs I presume they are both males, I know Sharky is a male because I have looked on the internet and then at him.

He has a little fat belly on him and he often gets swim bladder disease because of the type of fish he is, this is not a visible diease it just means he has to much water in his stomache, and fish with this either float to the top or can stay on the bottom but you can tell when a fish is poorly, they are not lively. 

 this can be cured by feeding them a couple of defrosted peas and leaving them for a day with no food. 

This is what I hope he will grow into in the future

This is their tank. It is just the right size for them both and if you have a tank to small for your fish it can stunt their growth and they will die, it can also cause stress and there is more chance of high anomia. 

I clean my fish out once a week with a 10% water change, and once a month with a 50% water change.
I also clean all the gravel out by putting the fish into a hospital tank 
(it is just smaller and suitable for a couple of hours at least while I clean the main tank)

They also have a filter, this filter is very important for providing air in the water, as well as moving water which fish are use to, and it filters all the bad odors, the floating poo and left over food. 
If a tank does not have a filter it is cruel and your fish will not last very long.

I have had Sharky for over a year now, and he is still growing and I love watching him change.

It is also nice to have some equipment in your tank such as a sunken ship and a plant which I have in mine, and every month I change it around too. when having more than 1 fish it is usually ideal to have something in the tank so the other fish can hide if being chased or wanting to sleep peacefully.
Yes fish do sleep, they float around slowly.

It is important when setting up a fish tank you have all the bits you need, they may be simple fish but they are still god's animals and they still need love and attention to their tank to make their living environment comfortable.

There are lots of things to help and I would recommend for beginners using 

People are always going to have an opinion on things and out of the 5 others I have used, I feel most comfortable using this. I never go with recommendations of how much to use I use my brain and think if the tank is big and there are two fish they are going to need a bit more chemical.

There is also Fish Safe in Gold which help make the water tonic friendly for the fish
and there is disease safe if your fish happen to catch any diseases.

Since having my fish I have read a lot about them and from having personally experience in dealing with many types of fish from previous work if you ever have any problems I would love to try and help. All information is from what I have been taught, read and learnt myself and if my judgement was wrong I would not be blamed for your fish dying. Mine are doing pretty well so I think I am doing okay. 

Hope you enjoy I think that is all, if you have fish too I would love to hear about yours and what type they are. There is so many beautiful fish about 


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  1. i used to have a black moor, he was called Dennis and i loved him, they say fish are just fish, but they get so friendly...
    he unfortuntley died, but they have the cuteset poppy out eyes...

    i have oranda's but for some reason they never last longer than a week :/

    great advice in this blog



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