Clipper Tea

Clipper sent me this lovely little letter saying thank you for sharing my opinions about their tea's on my blog
they also said I did not have to praise them just express my opinion
so when they sent me another lot of tea bags I thought right, I am going to be really picky on these and say the honest truth.

Honest truth, these are AMAZING!
While I write this blog I am currently drinking the English Breakfast tea, my favourite tea to drink and with 2 spoonfuls of sugar this tea is delicious!! 

They also sent me Refreshing infusion wild berry tea 
I love berry drinks and usually drink fresh berry juice so this was lovely to try.
I did feel it needed a bit of sweetener but I did not add sugar, I add a piece of lemon, I think this is my weird taste buds, I like lemon with a lot of things and this made it delicious!!
I feel like now trying all my tea bags again with a hint of lemon instead of sugar and see what results I can get. 

Thank you again Clipper

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  1. Mmmm I love Clipper tea!!
    I received some through the post the other week - can't remember why lol!
    <3 I must try the berry one xo


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