so I didn't watch the Oscars, but I did see some of the dress'

and I LOVE this photo
 of Katie Price aka Jordan
she has gone for the Black Swan look
and it totally suits her.
those boobs are amazing and her hair is a gorgeous colour.
she looks stunning!!! 

where can I get mine from?

picture taken from the sun

good on you Katie and despite what the "sun" paper may say your a winner to me!!


  1. I have to disagree, sorry, I love your blog but could she show any more cleavage?
    she's a bad example for her kids and young girls, selling her body made her money? What, thats her message!?
    Izzy x

  2. thanks for your comment but i believe if you got them show them off :)

    she use to be a glamour model fair enough on her its a way to make money i thought about it years ago when i was struggling.

    she is an amazing mother especially to harvey and there are far worse people out there who scrounge of the government than try and make money and a living, she is a top business women and basically feeds off the bad press by proving them all wrong.

    and i wish i had her figure to show off that dress! xxx


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