Lambrusco Emilia Rosato - indicazione Geografica Tipica ( produce of Italy)

So I haven't done a review on drink before, but I think this is a must!! I have never been much of a wine lover, and I found that that after only a couple of glasses I feel extremely tipsy!!

I first brought a bottle on New Years Eve, I was having a night in with my boyfriend so I thought he has beer, I'll give this a try.

For £2.09 (price may vary)

I thought it was be either very sickly or tasteless!

The smell is strong, a red slightly sticky flavour with a hint of fruit, but not necessarily strawberry scented. 

The taste is superb, sharp and sweet at the same time. 

You take the first sip, you feel a fizzy sensation 
and then a sudden strong fruit flavour.

almost takes your breath!

Since New Years I have brought 3 more bottles of this and I enjoy having a glass or two with my evening meal or while watching a film.

I recommend this wine to any UK wine lover over 18 reading this!

Asda promotes responsible drinking for more information on this subject visit -

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