Instant Nail effect

I recently brought myself Instant Nail effect nail varnish, from Barry M 
for Price £3.99 I thought it was worth a try. 
My expectations weren't high, I thought it would chip quickly, smudge easily or just look really tacky. 
I used Barry Blueberry Ice Cream 306 as the base coat, once dried I put one thick layer of the Nail Effect over the top. what happens after this is amazing, it seems to soak itself up and leave little cracks and leaves a lovely pattern showing your undercoat, a lovely effect.

I was very impressed with the results. How ever after a little experiment it only suits bright colour nail varnish. I tested it on various Barry M nail varnishes I also own. 

Silver - worked
Fuchi (pink) - worked
Racing green - did not work well
Indigo - worked
Block orange - worked 
Cyan blue - worked
Raspberry - worked 
Red glitter - did not work well
Yellow - worked

I hope you find this useful, for party of special occasion I recommend this Nail Effect Nail Varnish, however it does not give a very classy look, but buy it yourself and experiment and enjoy!!

Excuse the messy nails!!!

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