My make-up

I haven't done a make-up post before so here goes, these are products I love and I use every day, and make-up I like to wear

'Natrel', I feel is the best deodorant for my skin, as I have sensitive skin and most other products make it sore.

My perfume of the week is 'The Devil Wears Perfume' 
its not very well known but it has a long lasting smell which is quite strong.

'John Frieda fixing shine', is my favourite for hair products , I use this spray to keep my high up at the back and it stops it falling flat during the day.

'Anne French', my mum used this on me when I was younger and its stuck with me ever since, I use it first thing in the morning for a fresh clean feeling. 

'Nivea Lotion' for dry skin works wonders for my skin, it often feels tight and dry and itchy and although I do not have spots or breakouts my skin is never perfect, this skin makes it feel so much better.

'Beauty Blash Balm'  this product is AMAZING its the hang over cute to your face, it brightens and tightens and I love it!
'Nieva visage sunkissed' this gives a nice soft tint to my face and I use it three times a week to maintain a nice glow.

my make-up =)
I use Pearl Fashion Dip Black Eye Liner it has a soft tip and is very easy to use
you can also do little patterns like this; 
 The first layer of foundation I use 'Revlon Colorstay'
I then use
 George Flawless creme foundation, its lovely and soft on my skin and blends in nicely. 
I think use 'Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse'
021 Nude
This finishes off the look and takes away a pale look
I also use blusher, and my favourite is Tesco blusher powder coral.
My Favourite mascara ever is 'Bourjois volume glamour ultra black'
The brush on this mascara is so soft and it gives a nice layer effect
I finish off with 'Collection 2000 pure gloss sheer lipgloss' it has a nice orange and sparkle colour to it. 

I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions where products are from or anything else please leave a comment xXx

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