Swimathon day 2


A little behind on the blogging today, I actually swam yesterday however I was so so tired from training I decided to blog today. 
Second day in training for the Swimathon and I felt absolutely knackered when I got into the pool. I had defiantly reached my wall, I didn't do as many lengths this time it was more getting my muscles use to working again changing strokes, doing some leg work and just preparing my body for the training of the long lengths no stopping. 

I have chosen my stroke, I have always been a breaststroke swimmer, When I use to swim competitions my breaststroke was always faster than my front crawl  I guess it comes from the power in my legs I am just more suited to this stroke. So I will be swimming the Swimathon mainly breaststroke with a little bit of front crawl. 

I am having a rest today, do some stretches, made sure I have eaten my fruit and hopefully will be back in the pool saturday. Eventually I plan to be swimming everyday, but for now it is just going steady to get my body use to swimming again. 

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