Wish List

I currently don't have a job, I was doing some temp teaching at my local pool but they didn't have any full/part time hours so once the temp time was over I had to leave, I am looking though, not just lazying around :)

anyway as I have no job I have no money and therefore only have a wish list not a buy now list 

so my list wish for this week is a couple of things from the website Very I just came across this site, I had seen it advertised on TV but never actually took a good look.

 My number 1 while browsing the site was this top:

I am a massive fan of hoodies and this hoody is gorgeous!!

£27.00 - Bargain!!

Now £53.00 On sale

These are £50 

and some gorgeous shoes 

for £38.00

Now all I need is a job :)! 

what do you think, are they your style? 

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  1. Like the shoes, I couldn't walk in them though lol


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