This post has been long awaited and I apologize to clipper for taking so long I have been busy with university work. 

I tweeted clipper (twitter) a link to my blog after I received some lovely tea bags from them when I entered a competition on their website, check my post out here

They were so happy I had posted about them, they then offered to send me some more lovely tea bag goodies.

When I received these I was over the moon!! 

I love all 3
I have never tried green tea before or lemon and ginger and wow they are amazing. I think if you are not use to the taste adding sugar helps but a lovely strong taste, exactly what it says on the box. 

I recommend you go out and get yourself a lovely little box of clipper tea bags
go on spoil yourself :)
I have officially been converted to clipper tea!


  1. I won some teabags from that competition too - haven't tried them yet! Are they any good? xo

  2. Thanks for the great review Charlotte, we'll get some more tea for you to try this week.

    Lots of love from all at Clipper Teas.


  3. bex you need to try them, all i buy now is clipper and i drink like 10 cups a day!! they are amazing lol my dad loves them too haha

    thanks clipper i cant wait =D xx


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