cheeky little competition time


I have rather cute cheeky competition for you

WIN 5 mini Gabriela and Monica Irimia Cheeky Girls Glitter Nail Varnish

The cheeky girls have not been around for a while but I got my hands on some of their beauty products and I loved them.
These nail varnish's are a must have for glitter lovers! They are all brand new.

gold, green, silver, blue and purple

There is a little twist to this competition - I am not going to display any entry posts until the competition is closed. (so no cheating)

I am going to ask some questions, for your chance to enter, simple find out these questions, they are all here somewhere.. you just need to have a look around my blog to find them its pretty easy :)

For 1 entry 
answer these correctly

1. Who is my one true idol,
 forever and always?

 2. How many cats do I own?

3. what are the cheeky girls called? 

For 4 more extra entries (makes this more exciting)

Tweet my competition :) 
"Enter this cheeky competition @

If you would like to follow me I'm at -

This competition is open internationally
and will close on the 12th March at 01:00 am
one comment per person
please leave your name and email address at the end of the comment 

Good luck to you all..

Thank you for entering, when you do and your answers are correct
You shall be given to entries to my give-away for a necklace (see below)


  1. 1. Katie Price
    2. 2 cats
    3. Gabriela and Monica

    my email is
    blog is:

  2. Katie price
    2 cats
    Gabriella and Monica

    I tweeted about it at!/CarysBisatt

    Carys Bisatt

  3. I believe it is Katie Price, but I know you also like Hayley Williams and Kate Hudson :)
    I believe you have two cats :)

    And the Cheeky Girls are called Monica and Gabriela Irimia.

    Tweeted as well at @OhNoItsBex

    :) Love ya hun xo

  4. 1. Katie Price

    2. 2

    3. Misty and Fizzy


    gfc: quinieleong


  5. Okay, your one true idol is Katy Price, of course!
    You have two pretty female cats, called Misty and Fizzy, and the cheeky girls are called Gabriela and Monica Irimia.
    BOOYAH! I've also tweeted your giveaway too!
    Natalie Parkinson; natalieparkinson@hotmail.comxxxx

  6. 1. Katie price
    2. 2 cats
    3. Gabriela and Monica

    ee would love to win :D xxx

  7. My answers:

    1. Who is my one true idol,
    forever and always? Katie Price

    2. How many cats do I own? 2

    3. what are the cheeky girls called? The Cheeky Girls!! which is a band of sisters Monica & Gabriela Irimia.

    Also tweeted your giveaway here:


  8. katie price is your true idol

    gabriela and monica irimia are the cheeky girls names

    you have two cats

    lynsey barry

  9. Laura Gorman23 February, 2011

    1. Katie Price
    2. Two Cats
    2. Gabriela and Monica

    I have tweeted your competition. I am @thehat

    Laura Gorman
    119 Thurso Crescent
    DD2 4AT

  10. Thank you for this competition!!
    My answers:
    - Your idol is Katie Price
    - You have two cats, Misty and Fizzie!

    I follow you as rock-or-not
    Here is my mail adress:
    Thank you!


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