I won an award


"Sherise - The Geek Princess"  geekprincessblog.blogspot.com/ 
gave me a lovely blog award! My first award 
and I hope more to come hehe xXx

Apparently, I am supposed to list 5 of my "guilty pleasures", and then give the award to three other writers.

Guilty Pleasures:
 Chocolate, I can not live without it, I say I am on a diet and I may even lie about not having some, but I promise you, I will have.. 

Eastenders - My soap life story. I am obessed with it, I know everything there is to know, future story lines, the lot.

 My xbox 360! I am a gamer in hiding, lol I own about 12 games my favourite is dead to rights retribution, halo 3, MW2. 

Katie Price I adore her and she is sort of my guilty pleasure, when I feel down I sit and read some of her books, she makes me laugh, behind the media and lies from newspapers she is an amazing mum and an amazing person.

 Dying my hair. I do not know my natural colour, I only remember being blonde when I was young

The best part!!!

Award Recipients:

Leanne mariea http://leannemariea.blogspot.com/ she has a beautiful blog, its elegant and her photography skills are amazing! she knows how to capture the readers attention x

Ashley http://tiernanashley.blogspot.com/ Ashley's blog is beautiful! I love it. full of useful amazing beauty tips and products. I love having a good read of her blog x

Charlotte http://charlottesobsessions2.blogspot.com/ This blog is so unique and friendly, its a lovely read and beautiful layout x


  1. Wow thank you so much. I am so happy you made me smile thanx.

  2. OMG charlotte! Your hometown is stratford?! Me too! Ahh X

  3. yes it is! I'm a follower for sure hun! we probably walk past each other all the time and don't even know! X

  4. Thank you so much for the award and your lovely comments! So glad you enjoy reading my blog!



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